Pricing Tables

We offer you three different types of tin foil hats that differ from one another in form, functionality and price.


Our first model is the very hat Buddha used to wear to get enlightened. It's a perfect solution for those who have just stepped on the path of awakening.
Smart price

Perfect for beginners

Protects from most of the known threats

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A delicious tool that can guide you beyond what an eye can meet. Increases your intuitive sense with little side effects.
Combines intellectual and spiritual effects

Suitable for advanced mystery solvers

Can be worn 24/7

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A posh accessory designed in the Soho labs by the incognito master. As fashionable as effective the hat helps you to foster your mind to a state where it no longer need a hat to protect itself.
The most stylish choice

Broadens perceptive skills

Tunes you into the vibes of the Cosmos effortlessly

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